Licentiate (III) Exam Prep Workbook IC-02 Practice of Life Insurance: Model Practice Test for Insurance Institute of India Exams

Practice of Life Insurance Workbook is developed with synchronized with latest III syllabus, and consists of three practice set with 100 questions each from following topic area. We take best possible measures to make the module effective for your exam preparation.

Topic Area Covered:
                                 1: Life Insurance Organization
  2: Premiums and Bonuses
  3: Plans of Life insurance
  4: Annuities
  5: Group Insurance
  6: Linked Life Insurance Policies
  7: Applications and Acceptance
  8: Policy Documents
  9: Premium payment, Life Insurance Corporation (L.I.C) of India policy lapse and revival
  10: Assignment, Nomination and Surrender of policy
  11: Policy Claims

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