Is Meditation a high-end Craving a Hunger? An act of Acquisitiveness?

 Ansh Part of You
 Experiencing and desire to experience, isn’t it  the same form of hungriness? Seeking or being  seeker, isn’t it the similar way of mind  functioning? The way we search for Job, the  way we search for wealth so on and on….

 So far, the traditionalist  explained the term  meditation as  an exercise of MIND rejecting   one thought and desire to follow  an object or  thought to experience something different.  When you do so, once again you fall in to the  same phenomenon of job search or wealth search. Mind works in similar fashion.
Some call it as emptying the mind, who is emptying? Once emptying is there someone to recognize the empty mind? Or it will remain unrecognized?

Is it the training of mind on attentiveness? Which comprise of select and reject fundamentals? Or a comprehensive voiding of the mind function totally and leaving the function of body & organism alone without the referral identification of me & non-me, you & non-you?
Look within ….. wish you will reach there…..

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