It’s Always a Choice “Somebody Else’s Goal” or “One Step Closer to Your Goal”

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  Agree or not, but once  observe it for a while,   all  friends, well-wishers, near &  dear ones,   Boss etc. who are  more focused, concern and    ask about your RESULT, not  EFFORTS, are   the one  who often keeps you diverted  or   engaged in one  way or other by converting    non-relevant activity in to  most vital while it’s   time for  action/EFFORTS to get that RESULT.   On the day of result, the same people say it   hardly matter what you have done, where is the   result? Some time you enjoy it temporarily and fell sorry permanently. Look within; make judicial choices NOW to deal with it, remember it’s the honest EFFORTS at NOW which brings the RESULT in future.

EFFORTS MAY FAIL, BUT NO RESULT WITHOUT EFFORT. To win a lottery also you need to make an effort to buy a ticket.

Listen to the child inside, follow the innocent unbiased zeal; You are one step closer to your goal.

When the thunder of conditional surroundings hitting hard to make your life hell; never worry, You are one step closer to your goal.

Don’t fall in to the trap of traditional rationales, which only evaluates in terms of transactions and leads to somebody else’s goal someday.
Look Within and see what's coming out, let the world form conclusions as per their convenience.

Time is Man-Made, Calendar is Man-Made to help us, NOT to disturb us, set your own time, allow the inner explosion to express itself, You are one step closer to your Goal.
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