Becoming more Human or More Efficient Technician with 1000s years of Evolution?

The central question probably can’t be answered by someone else from outside. It’s for us to sit quite for a while and see within, where we moving? In the era of technology where we lost our patience and surrender to a click of button. We never hesitate to form a conclusion about someone on other side if no reply comes in within a minute. Life was there before technology, responses were taking time, may be month long. We made the advance technology to make our life smoother and help us effectively and work as our slave to serve us, however it seems we surrendered to it what we made and become its slave.

Education and other system of transferring knowledge focused more in making a programed human, not actual. Everything synchronized with only production making human a machine, persuasive campaigns are going on to show you and make you feel unworthy if you are not a good machine the way they want you to be. Production of goods, productions of services, production of information and NOT human.  

Isn’t it time for us to have some time for self and look within to ask this vital question to our self? “Are we becoming more Human or More Efficient Technician?

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