Progress with Age, we Enjoy Food or Just Eat?

At our young age, we enjoy food; but as we progress with age, we start eating only?

Once during a motivational seminar one of participant asked this question, is it true, at our young age, we enjoy food; but as we progress with age, we start eating only? The discussion went on helping in many discovery, however a real practical experience to satisfy the discussion was awaited. 
 Roomali Garh Today a simple Thali with delicious taste and excellent  presentation clears the cloud, Yes, with age progress, we gradually  become more machine and less human, which starts taking away the  child from within and we start eating only instead of enjoying.

  Would like to put an experience had today, almost each night, use to   have food ordering from some place and after eating it usually get back to work, but today after having food started writing this which reminds me the above question. Let’s look within and see whether we enjoying food or just eating?

The experience of food enjoyment written on Zomato:
Its 1:30AM at night, usually i keep on ordering food during this time from various restaurants. Today the experience was excellent.  Delivery was perfectly on time. What I liked the most the presentation an excellent way of presenting a thali. Usually other restaurants put the thali in to different poly pack n deliver by these excellent people made it different. Food is one vital need people work for and me too working at mid night, which must be satisfied with love and care. I usually order food every day but write a review only when there is an excellent experience or an experience which force me to alert rest of the world. This time its 5StarThank you Roomali Garh.

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