One Nation One ride by Ansh :The MysticRider

 One India One Ride with The Mystic Riders

Motivation : 

-Bikers community across India are more focused towards fun or adventure ride (Except few showcase cause base rides).
-There is a lacking in bringing real positive changes in to society through riding as passion.

 All India Relay Ride India2India OneIndiaOneRide SwachhBharat-Under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Govt as well as many other stake holders doing their best to achieve its objectives in providing total sanitation and lot of works being done at physical level however there is lack in mental acceptance of the same specially in rural area
Safety & Security of women are also at stake due to low awareness.
-Reports also suggests India also face econaomic loss because of poor hygiene and sanitation in the country
Psychological acceptance to any changes is a vital aspect of any positive physical changes.
-Riders are well respected and plays major influential role in travel domain which can be shifted and used for social impact too
Shifting the Balance of Power a Psychological Impact
-There is strong societal stereotypes about women riding motorcycles as its sole preserve of men
-Even though women want to be Free & Independent there is a lack of opportunity available for learning & training
-Family or Relatives usually stops women in learning in anticipating the damage of assets
-Most of current models of trainings many a time put women in uncomfortable situation leads to discontinuing learning which further creates a mental stagnancy
-Coaching to be independent is most important aspect of any empowerment drives
-While it comes to travelling most of the time a women dependent and look for a support

Objectives & Purpose:

Dimension 1 (#EkBharatSwatchBharat):

 All India Relay Ride India2India OneIndiaOneRide SwachhBharat-To Create a Mental level awareness on cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation amongst people across India using bike ride as mode of communication by travelling city to city , village to village and organizing public talks. -Making people aware of various available resources they can use.
-Preliminary Target is to visit 50+ Cities, 500+ Villages & 500+ Schools & Academic Institutions

Dimension 2 (#Mission1000):
 All India Free Female Bike Riding Training Multiple City-To trained 1000 girls across country on how to ride a motorcycle, with an objectives to bringing a major shift in thought process of being Free, Independent and helping in conquering Fears. This will also leads to creates a gender balance and acceptance in society.
-During the course of ride will also aim to create an awareness amongst all to increase acceptance level on women riding motorcycles and encourage them to ride on their day to day commuting activity.

Dimension 3 (#Salam100):
To visit home of at least 100 martyrs pay homage and respect for the contribution towards our country. We will pay a tributes and the souvenirs as noble cause.

Methodology & Activities:

Followings Methods & Activities will be performing to achieve the goal.
Group Ride Starts from Delhi and Ends at Delhi after covering 50+ Cities, 500+ Villages & 500+ Schools & Academic Institutions
Training Sessions, Seminar, Workshops , Grama Sabha, Games for Schools, Quiz
Meeting Selected Influential Opinion Makers in respective demographic area and involving to create the awareness
Using of Print Visual informative like flyers pamphlets
Involving Youths from each City & Villages to join the relay ride and create a visual impact amongst people in favor of the cause
Social Media Campaign through each participants (Both Riding Training & SwachhBharat)
Each Day Post activity follow ups & Ensuring the required message being gone across

Facebook Event for Ride:

Concept of Relay ride: 

To provide further impetus to the drive will be promoting relay rides
This a conceptual ride for riders or interested participants who having constraints to complete the whole country ride.
This is city to city relay ride taking the flag from one city to another
For Eg: City 1: All such riders will join the full time rider from City 1 to City 2 with campaign flag and hand over the campaign flag to other rider who will be joining from City 2
This creates an opportunity for all to participates for the cause
Coordinating with all Cities Riding Groups to join and support the cause

Facebook Event for Relay Ride:

Proposed Route Plan:

Current Event Participation:
The event is gaining popularity amongst riding community

Day by day number of participation is increasing

So far we have 4 full time riders who will be riding across the country (4 Male + 1 Female)

Relay riders participation we expecting to reach 1000+ combining all cities

Almost every city is joining the relay ride along with group of riders irrespective of different riding groups

Group Profile:

WhatsApp: 9069960691
The Mystic Riders is a group of like minded people who dedicate some of their time to bring positive changes and impact in the society
We believe This Life is to Help Experience & Express
We use riding a mode of communication to reach the remotes
Total Regular Riding Members so far is 80+ (70 Male & 10 Female)
Female Riders Under Trainings are 50+ still counting
Ride Done so far 50+ & KM Covered 1lkhs +

Facebook: @TheMysticRiders
Instagram: @TheMysticRiders